Monday, 13 September 2010

iPhone/Cellular Phone won't sync with Mac Address Book

If your phone (iPhone or otherwise) stops syncing, but you know that you have definitely got changes on either the phone or addressbook that should go from one device to the other, do this to force it to sync:

Open iSync in Applications > Preferences > click Reset Sync History > then sync the phone. (Even if this is an iPhone and you have to sync using iTunes, it still works).

Saturday, 4 September 2010

iPhone Help Unknown Error 13019

If you get error 13019 when trying to sync your iPod, it means that you made changes on your iTunes, e.g., to file attributes or names, and it can no longer sync back to the iPod.

The cure is to un-sync whatever section you were editing, and use something like iPhone_Explorer or PhoneView to delete the data out of that section on the phone, then re-sync.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Lame rich people

I'm pretty disgusted by some 'privileged' person's remark I heard today just off Republic Rd. There's this old blind woman begging. He shouts 'why don't get get off your arses and get a job?'. OK, so an illiterate old blind woman: let me see, what 'job' would she qualify for? Oh, I know: Begging. WTF? Are people really that self-righteous? That proud of the fact that they happened to be lucky enough to be born to 'privileged' parents who sent them to school, leading ultimately to them being employable, and who could get their eyes sorted out at an optometrist?

It's all very well to rant, as we do in South Africa, about "useless" people who "must get a job", but let's ask a few questions:

1. Assuming the person begging is in their 30s, that means they were brought up under apartheid. What was their school curriculum? I'll tell you: Gardening, cooking, washing and ironing. No, I kid you not. That is what was covered in the DET syllabus (Department of Education and Training). Why? Because the Nats wanted to ensure that 80% of the population were kept as useless human flotsam so that they could be used as slave labour.

2. Did the person choose to be blind? I doubt it. Even if they were blinded by their parents as a sympathy thing (e.g. as we see in Slumdog Millionaire), so that they could use their blind child to beg, was it not the initial poverty of the parents that would have caused that, and ultimately apartheid that caused their poverty?

3. Do you think that people choose to be illiterate, uneducated and pathetic? Do you suppose that they have a couple of thousand lying around to go on a training course to learn a skill so that they can "get a job"?

4. Do you even understand their culture, in which they are part of a community and the job of everyone in the community is to support each other, e.g. through stokvel associations? Her money is not her own: she probably has to contribute towards the community, the guy who helps her through the traffic, and her grandchildren's upkeep.

Instead of yelling "Get a job", you prick, why don't you go volunteer to teach skills in the townships? Oh, I know, you "don't have time". Right, in-between clubbing, wasting thousands on booze and cocaine, and watching TV, you don't have time.

Do something with your life instead of being so sanctimonious. If you're so great and you want beggars to amount to something, then teach them your skills. Or are you worried that they'll get a job ahead of you because of BEE/Affirmative Action? If so, you're just carrying on apartheid: the Nats were so scared that the blacks might actually amount to something, and take away from them more than just mine jobs, that they kept them ignorant, in servitude, for 46 years. And prior to that, ditto colonialism for 350 years. How much patience do you think they will have with you? Are you surprised by the anger in Zimbabwe? Do you think you can keep them down forever? That's what the Nats thought, and they were wrong.

Why do you think there's crime? Do you think that people would rob and steal if they had work, or could find work? If you had a job, would you break into people's houses? No, you say, because you're a decent person. That's not the reason. The reason is you have a job. If you were starving and desperate you'd also break into people's houses.

The only hope for this country is if the vast majority of the poor get an education. If you want to scream abuse at anyone, direct it at the so-called government, who have failed to provide this, and who spend their time lining their own pockets with BEE deals.

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