Sunday, 19 December 2010

The probability that an omnipresent being would select Jesus

I find it impossible to believe that 4.5 Billion years of existence are supposed to have culminated in a so-called perfect person who was nothing more than an itinerant trouble-maker, and a merely mediocre philosopher, having nothing significant to add to our existing Greek body of wisdom. I find it much harder to believe that such a person was significant, than the idea that humanity is a flash in a very large pan.

What I am saying is that I find it impossible to believe that this whole grand show of millions of years and millions of galaxies and the vast expanse of space is all part of some grand plan to produce one ignorant Israeli itinerant teacher who had nothing interesting to say. It's more bizarre than claiming that the purpose of the ocean is to harbour a particular rowing-boat in Mozambique; a vast expanse full of interesting things just to keep one particularly uninteresting vessel in a particularly uninteresting country.

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