Wednesday, 2 November 2016

gautrain stealing money

Do not order multiple tickets at a Gautrain station - you will lose your money and have to pay R 42 to reclaim it.

1. I ordered three tickets at a machine and it gave me one (after I paid) and didn't issue the other two; it magically went into "maintenance" mode.

2. It charged me R 195 for three tickets at R 50 each. Strange, I would think that R 50 x 3 = R 150. I realise you want to charge for the piece of plastic but actually no. That's not cool.

3. I bought a week pass a few weeks ago. Turns out that if you do not use the money on a particular day, e.g. you drive to work instead of catching the train, you FORFEIT that money. Not cool. I lost two days' transit fees. That is THEFT.

So their latest response is that I must do all kinds of acrobatics to get my money back AND they're going to charge me a R 40-something fee for the pleasure. Forget it, I am just going to advertise this on my blog now. Their response follows. In short, all the acrobatics below will earn me R 100 back, IF they decide to pay me back. Useless.


1. Please complete a Refund Application form at your nearest station, clearly indicating the reason for requesting a refund.

2. Please have your Gautrain Gold Card and positive identification document either ID, driver’s license or passport and a stamped bank statement showing a transaction made at Gautrain with you when you complete the refund application form.

3. The refund application form will, on the same day that you complete it, be sent to the Customer Service Officer at the station where your refund request will be analysed.

4. The refund amount is calculated by using the discounted fare per trip as applicable to the specific period product, to a maximum of the number of unused trips on the specific period product. You will be charged a R42 admin fee. Refunds can take up to 14 working days to be processed depending on the complexity of the refund.

5. This amount will be refunded into your Gautrain gold card, or make sure that you have either your current account or savings account details as refunds cannot be processed onto a credit card. Kindly note that no cash will be refunded.

Friday, 21 October 2016


I’ve not posted since April because of my current work (ICT project for government). When more is available I’ll announce it here. Let’s just say it’s probably the biggest ICT initiative in government, and private sector, in this country. 

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

linguistic distance and archaelogy

I reckon if you take Grimm’s law (changes between sounds) and numbers of vowel shifts, and calibrate this against distance moved between the exemplar tribes, using some basic vocabulary like numbers, family members, words for body parts, etc., you can apply the resulting measures of linguistic distance to geography, and then go digging to find artefacts.